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September 29, 2019 @ 11:25 am

Making Doll Shoes

It is possible to make doll shoes at home without having to sew a stitch and the process is quite easy for everyone. Not many people find it enjoyable to make doll shoes using stitches and this tutorial teaches on how to make the shoes without stitching. To begin the process, you have to get several items and materials that are usually found easily and at low prices as well. The materials needed are vinyl which is not expensive and is also easy to find but you should not use costume vinyl due to being too flimsy. If you prefer you could use leather straps in place of vinyl and the straps possess suitable properties for the doll shoes.

Several types of trims can be used in making doll shoes such as braided trims, sequin trims and other trims. You will need to have cardboard to hold the other materials and foam of around six millimeters in thickness. Glue is also necessary and a glue stick that will help when placing the glue and it is important to use them sparingly so as not to create unwanted residues in the shoes. If rubber cement is used, it must be used in ventilated rooms due to having certain effects when one inhales it. You will also require a pair of scissors, a hobby knife, and leather punchers to make it easier to drill the leather. A pair of shoelaces that can either be ribbon or poly cord laces depending on what you prefer between the two.

Once all the materials are present, take the pattern pieces such as cardboard, foam, and vinyl and cut them into appropriate size. Using a leather punch, boreholes into the uppers made from leather straps and any cut-outs can be removed using the hobby knife. The next step is to stick the vinyl and cardboard soles together using the glue and ensure that they are properly glued. The fourth step is to glue the front upper firmly onto the cardboard soles and then wrapping around the cardboard soles and flattening through small cuts. The upper part needs to be glued together to the back part of the shoe and sticking the cardboard soles to the vinyl.

The foams need to be glued to the uppers and this requires hot glue for better sticking and then pressure for a few minutes to avoid leaving any gaps. The next step should be to glue the trims onto the foams using hot glue and applying pressure to keep them firmly glued. To close the shoes, you need to resize the trims through cutting and once it is looking great, apply glue onto the endings and press to close. Molding the shoes is easier when a doll leg is used.

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